Friday, October 24, 2014

What God Did~

From the book of Genesis:
" So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them."
Notice will you that he created HUMAN BEINGS in his image.
How many people reading this had the opportunity to choose what race they were born into? Did anyone put in a request to be white, black, hispanic or asian before they were conceived? No? Of course not. So, in view of this light how do you justify treating people of other races as less than you, or not on the same level as you? Either God did not create every man/woman in his own image, or he did. Not only did he create all human beings, but he said that it was good. Are you going to take what God called good and decide it is not? Who are you to treat others who may be of a different race as if they should be at he back of the bus, or maybe even ban their use of "our" restrooms? We cannot lump some people's criminal behavior onto an entire race and say they are predisposed to crime. Not only is that an insult to everyone of that particular race, but it is a serious issue in and of itself. God called what he created good. In other words he liked what he made and was happy with the way it turned out on that day.
Next time you make a racial smart remark think about what God said when he made man in his image. There was no color code. "It is he that has made us and not we ourselves."(Psalms 100:3) God chose your race and mine. There have been and still are many racial abuses in this country. Stop worrying about what you THINK another group of people are getting via the government or whatever.. More than half of what we hear is complete garbage and propaganda. Put that trash aside and treat your fellow human beings like you want to be treated... not any better and not any worse, but just like you. If you are a Christian you have no excuse for being a racist because Jesus hung on the cross for more than just you and more than just me. I can promise you that if you believe that you are better than your brother or sister because of your race God will open your eyes in a very humbling way. Then again, if your eyes refuse to open then you apparently never saw the light to begin with and the truth is not in you.
Get past yourself and your skin 'cause everyone has some and God created it.